Superheroes 4 Charity is trying to bring awareness to bullying, domestic violence and abuse. There has been a increase in these categories and the superheroes need your help and support to help bring this awareness to attention to those in school, communities, legislation, etc. 

The superheroes would like to bring this awareness to the schools, communities, and legislation with a message of hope and change. 

These increases will only continue unless the superheroes helps by showing their presense and being a postive influence to the community.

Positive influence will bring about positive change. 

Domestic Violence is also increasing and so is abuse. Abuse comes in many forms (Verbally, Mentally, Psychologially, Physically, Financially, Religious, etc)

Domestic violence affects more than 12 million* people in the United States each year.

This issue cannot be ignored. To create change, we have to talk openly and acknowledge how domestic violence affects our communities, our families and our lives. We can't just turn away. 

(*CDC's National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS), 2010)


Please Be A Superhero – Donate to Our Mission!

Help Make Hope Happen..!!!