Our Mission

superheroes 4 charity allows families and friends a brief escape to a world where there is always HOPE. Our passion to create opportunities for brave children battling a childhood disease a chance to immerse into the pure fun of childhood. 

The idea came about a few years ago when I kept hearing stories of kids being bullied and abused (mental, physical, verbal, sexual). I became determined to make a difference in the lives of troubled youth. Issues of bullying, drugs, broken homes, and abuse of all types plague many children and adults. These issues are very personal to me, as I was a victim of bullying and psychological/verbal/emotional abuse. It was because of these struggles that the Hero character, Superman, came about. Extensive therapy and support, gave me the inspiration I needed to overcome and then reach out to help others through their pain. I learned through Superman to turn my pain into personal empowerment and use that to help others overcome their own pain and struggles.

It is through Superman that there is HOPE and even the strong struggle with pain.  It doesn't make them weak but it's how we chose to handle our pain that makes the difference. If we handle it in a positive way, it will bring about positive change.

Revenge doesn't do anything but breed more violence and hatred and the end result can be devastating. Take the high road and be the better person. Let your choices reflect the HOPE and not your fear. 

superheroes 4 charity relies on the support of the entire community and greatly values donations from the individuals and corporations as well. You too can be a superhero in life by helping to support brave children dealing with the villains of childhood diseases, the affects of abuse, drugs, violence.